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We would like to share the general information about the University of Pannonia. Here you will find the university contacts, organizational structure, useful links and other information that might be necessary.
Accommodation, dormitories
Fulltime students studying in Veszprém can gain admission to five dormitories of residence. This provides accommodation for nearly 1450 students in an organised environment.

Our students may choose between 6 dormitories in 3 cities. Whether you like to stay in a small community, or rather a busy environment in the heart of the city, or just want to chill on the shore of Lake Balaton, you will find your place.
Diversity and multicultural environment
2023 is the year of the European Capital of Culture Veszprém-Balaton, so the University of Pannonia has launched a new video series on the university's YouTube channel in the spirit of cultural diversity. The series focuses on international students preparing national dishes of their home countries. In the first season, we will travel the world, from Panama to China, via Iran.
The series aims to promote cultural awareness and traditional gastronomy, as well as university life. During the cooking sessions, students share stories and memories of their homes and experiences in Hungary, and show viewers how to prepare national dishes using ingredients found in Hungarian homes.
Research, Development and Innovation
Come join us in this journey where we talk with the students from the doctoral schools of University of Pannonia. Science doesn't stop at the door of the lab. Research Goes Live!
As a response to the environmental problems of the modern world, the university takes an active part in sustainability research and improving the quality of life through innovative solutions.The University of Pannonia is one of the top institutions in the country in research, development and innovation activities.

With modern research centers and laboratories on each campus, the university connects students, academics and industries, who work together for the common benefit. The University has collaborative relationships with around 300 companies in Hungary and abroad. The University of Pannonia is famous for its academic connections with around 360 educational institutions in more than 37 countries.
Centre of Excellence for Multidisciplinary Research
The Centre of Excellence for Multidisciplinary Research (CEMR) aims at coordinating the research efforts of internationally recognized research groups at the University of Pannonia, by showcasing their outstanding research results and their research potential, in order to strengthen collaboration between groups and to initiate interdisciplinary and other research projects.

The mission of CEMR is to support and enhance a sustained and outstanding performance of research groups at the University of Pannonia, as manifested in scientific publications and success in obtaining external funding.

In addition, CEMR aims at providing a platform for the dissemination of excellent research results, in order to enhance the visibility of research at the University of Pannonia and to foster domestic and international collaboration between distinct groups.