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As a response to the environmental problems of the modern world, the university takes an active part in sustainability research and improving the quality of life through innovative solutions.The University of Pannonia is one of the top institutions in the country in research, development and innovation activities. With modern research centers and laboratories on each campus, the university connects students, academics and industries, who work together for the common benefit. The University has collaborative relationships with around 300 companies in Hungary and abroad. The University of Pannonia is famous for its academic connections with around 360 educational institutions in more than 37 countries.

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Faculty of Business and Economics

conducts research on Strategic management, including the development of national and international leadership culture, Technological management, focusing on supply chains and optimization of the production and service processes, Economics, including national and regional economic development, business research, with the focus on micro- and macro financing of specific financial segments and the demographic and income layering data.

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Faculty of Engineering

hosts a wide variety of research programmes. Research activities are arranged into 23 thematic Research Groups, which are in receipt of significant long-term funding from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, industrial partners, from regional and national sources and from grants provided by the European Union.





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Faculty of Information Technology

actively researches in the fields of Technology Complex Industry 4.0 solutions, Supply Chain Management, Development of image processing, lighting and virtual reality based systems, Development of IT based healthcare solutions. Smart city solutions and energy saving.





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Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences

offers research collaboration in Pedagogy and education, including language instruction, theoretical and applied linguistics, Applied linguistics, with the focus on multilingualism, Media and communication research, social sciences.






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Main R&D&I Units

Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office 

The KTTO is the primary contact for potential partners who are looking to conduct joint research or collaborate with the university’s experts. The main responsibilities of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office are:

  • to support the university academic staff in commercializing the research results
  • to offer the university research, development and innovation services to business partners
  • to help the researchers in IP protection tasks, building partnership and collaboration with industrial partners
  • to prepare legal agreements and support business negotiations.

Lajos Vonderviszt PhD
Head of KTTO
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GSKK Research Centre

Main task of GSKK is the coordination of research projects, support of scientific publication activity, coordination, assessment and support of participation at scientific conferences. Research activity of the RC can cover the following areas:

  • network research
  • R&D and competitiveness
  • managements studies
  • marketing (consumer behavior)
  • international economic relations (European integration)
  • tourism
  • methodology and economic informatics
  • regional studies etc.

The Institute had been founded in 1960 and operated under auspices of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, therefore belonging to the University of Pannonia and the University of Kaposvár. The research institute is famous for its long-time experience in fields of chemical and biochemical technologies with a widespread cooperation with national and international industry. Our partners are the chemical and biochemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical engineering companies and all other companies who need modern, environmentally friendly, economical processes. 

Within this institution, there are five research fields: Bio-Nanosystem Laboratory Functional Nanoparticles Laboratory Translational Glycomic Research Group Environmental Mineralogy Research Group MTA-PE Air Chemistry Research Group.

Center Of Excellence for Multidisciplinary Research

The structure of CEMR is dynamic, with research groups admitted on the basis of excellence. Groups become members by default if they pass an external review process that is based on internationally recognized criteria of research excellence, available for all disciplines, and that results in the group receiving research funding independent of the university. 

Current Research Groups:

  • Horváth Csaba Memorial Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences
  • MTA-PE Behavioral Ecology Research Group
  • MTA-PE Budapest Ranking Research Group
  • Complex Systems Monitoring Research Group
  • MTA-PE Limnology Research Group
  • Environmental Mineralogy Research Group- NANOLAB

Soós Water Technology Research and Development Center

Soós Ernő Water Technology Research and Development Center was established in 2014 by University of Pannonia Faculty of Engineering, Nagykanizsa Municipality of County Rank and Hidrofilt Water Treatment Ltd. 

The basic aim of the research center is to pursue its work on the basis of the multi-decade experience and results gained in Nagykanizsa in the field of water treatment and water purification.

Other research areas: drinking water treatment power plant and cooling tower water management horticulture and irrigation water treatment sea water desalination pharmaceutical and infusion solutions water supply technologies and related control procedures measurement technology area