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Mission statement

"We aim to display our knowledge, scientific competence and relationships in products and services that improve intellectual development, quality of life and social well-being. We build this achievement on our excellent employees who are committed, identify with development, work in an ethical and creative atmosphere."

The mission statement of Pannon University

The history of the University

Tradition and renewal: University of Pannonia is the dominant higher education institution of the Central and Western Transdanubian Region. The seat of the university is located in Veszprém, one of the oldest cities in the country. This settlement had been the bishop’s seat since 1009 and was one of the outstanding cultural centers of the Middle Ages.

The training offered at the institution with excellent professional traditions and a long history covers almost all scientific fields. The university has five faculties, and besides Veszprém, our educational programmes are available in several cities in the region, including Nagykanizsa, Zalaegerszeg and Kőszeg. As a result of the strategic agreement between the University of Pannonia and the city of Ajka, the Ajka Campus was handed over in May 2022.

Our multidisciplinary university provides a unique opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge in the fields of humanities, economics, information technologies, education, social and natural sciences, as well as professional and research activities that go beyond the university curriculum. The academic weight of the institution is also defined by the five accredited doctoral schools, within which the internationally known and recognized research is successfully included in various domestic and European tenders.

As a research university and one of the key players in economic development, our institution promotes the cooperation with the private sector, business life, local and central government in regional and cross-border education and research and development programs. Our goal is to further strengthen our role in the economic and socio-cultural development of the region.

As of July 1, 2015, Dr. András Gelencsér is the rector of the university. Pursuant to the National Higher Education Act, from November 2014, the operations of domestic public higher education institutions are led by the chancellor appointed by the prime minister, who is responsible for many operational areas, such as technical administration and information technologies, in addition to management. The duties of the chancellor of the University of Pannonia were performed first by certified agricultural engineer Gyula Kovács from January 1, 2015, and then - from August 21, 2019 - by Zsolt Csillag.

On December 15, 2020, the Parliament accepted the proposal on the Foundation of the University of Pannonia and the provision of assets to the foundation and the university.

According to the law, from September 1, 2021, the public interest trust foundation established by the government executes the founding and maintenance of the rights at the University of Pannonia, ensures the operating conditions and the implementation of the institutional development goals, and performs the asset management.

At the request of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, individuals with significant professional, business and political experience, who can enrich the existing academic knowledge, will work on the board of trustees of the University of Pannonia Foundation. The task of the five-member board is to maintain the long-term goals of the institution, promote continuous development, and create the conditions for modern and competitive training and research.

The chairman of the board of trustees of the University of Pannonia Foundation is Dr. Tibor Navracsics, - a government commissioner responsible for the complex development of the North-West Hungarian Economic Development Zone. Other members of the board include Dr. Zoltán Birkner, president of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH), Mária Garancsi, entrepreneur, Tamás Pápai, managing director.

In the future, the board of trustees will assist the University of Pannonia in acquiring resources, freeing up the university's creative resources and contributing to making the university the flagship of the region in the competition for quality knowledge.

The former rectors of our University

19 Aug 1949

Károly Polinszky

19 August 1949 - 31 July 1952

19 Aug 1949

01 Aug 1952

Endre Bereczky

1 August 1952 - 30 September 1953

01 Jan 1964

Antal László

1 January 1964 - 31 July 1966

01 Jan 1964

01 Okt 1953

Ernő Nemecz

1 October 1953 - 14 September 1954

01 Okt 1954

Károly Polinszky

1 October 1954 - 31 December 1963

01 Okt 1954

01 Jul 1981

Bálint Heil

1 July 1981 - 30 June 1989

01 Aug 1966

Pál Káldi

1 August 1966 - 31 July 1971

01 Aug 1966

01 Aug 1971

Ernő Nemecz

1 August 1971 - 30 June 1980

01 Jul 1980

János Inczédy

1 July 1980 - 30 June 1981

01 Jul 1980

01 Jul 1989

János Liszi

1 July 1989 - 30 June 1995

01 Jul 1995

István Győri

1 July 1995 - 30 June 1998

01 Jul 1995

01 Jul 1998

Zoltán Gaál

1 July 1998 - 30 June 2007

01 Jul 2007

Ákos Rédey

1 July 2007 - 30 June 2011

01 Jul 2007

01 Jul 2011

Ferenc Friedler

1 July 2011 - 30 June 2015

01 Jul 2015

András Gelencsér

1 July 2015 - present

01 Jul 2015

Our honorary doctors

2016 Ö.E. Ambassador Katalin Bogyay, Permanent Representative of Mo. to the UN
2015 Research Professor Stratos Pistikopoulos, Texas A&M University
2015 Rafigul Gani ordinary member of the Danish Academy of Sciences, university professor (Technical University of Denmark)
2015 Professor Kenso Soai (Tokyo University of Science)
2014 Zoltán Győri is a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a professor at Szent István University
2014 József Gyulai is Ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, professor emeritus, university professor (BMGE)
2014 Iván Bélyácz is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a professor at the University of Pécs
2014 Ali Abbaszov ordinary member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, university professor (Azerbaijan State Economic University)
2011 Carmen Teodosiu is the wife of Professor Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi
2010 Tibor Palánkai professor emeritus, president of the European Union Public Communication Foundation
2010 Michael Andrew Walker is a professor at the University of California
2010 József Popp deputy director general of the Agricultural Research Institute
2009 Guy Turchany professor emeritus
2008 Gyula Sáringer, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, professor emeritus of PE
2008 Academician András Kertész, head of the Theoretical Linguistics Research Group of the University of Debrecen, university professor
2007 Academician Pál Tétényi, research professor (MTA KK)
2006 Ludwig M. Eichinger, director of the Institute of German Linguistics in Mannheim
2006 Academician Zoltán Bedő, director of the Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2006 academician András Prékopa, prof. emeritus, professor at Rutgers University (USA)
2005 academician Norbert Kroó, the Vice President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2004 János Schmidt full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, university professor at the Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science, University of West Hungary
2003 Tamás Németh full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, general secretary of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2003 László Markó, academician, PE professor emeritus
2003 János Kornai, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, professor at the Harvard University Collegium Budapest
2003 Herbert Birkhofer, professor at the Darmstadt University of Technology
2002 Vienna Tamás holds a doctorate in literature and is the founder of the theater history major at PE
2002 László Fésüs, scientific consultant, private university teacher, head of the Genetics Research Group of the Animal Breeding and Nutrition Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2002 Gyula Rabó, senior researcher at Union Carbide Corporation in the USA
2001 Tamás Roska full member of the MTA, founder of the informatics major at PE
2001 János Inczédy full member of the MTA, PE professor emeritus
2001 Ernő Nemecz full member of the MTA, professor emeritus of PE
1999 Dénes Kalló awarded university professor, MTA Chemistry Research Center
1999 CNRS research director Daniel Tondeur, Nancy, prof. emeritus
1999 academician Ernő Pungor, former director of Zoltán Bay Institute
1999 Academician Benedek Pál, regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, ny. university professor
1997 Ottó Habsburg honorary international president of the Pan-European Union
1997 Károly Polinszky was the first rector of VE, professor of BME
1997 Academician László Tóth Fejes, between 1949-64 he was the head of the Department of Mathematics of VE
1996 Wolfgang Bachofer Former Professor at Hamburg University
1996 James Victor Pevaras Long University of Cambridge ny. professor
1996 Hans -Christian Pfohl Head of Department at Darmstadt University of Technology
1996 Emmanuel G. Koukios Professor at National Technical University Of Athens
1995 Wolfgang A. Herrmann is the director of the Technischen Universität München
1995 János Harsányi is a former university professor at the University of California Berkeley, mathematician, Nobel laureate (1994)
1995 György Oláh is the head of the Hydrocarbon Chemistry Laboratory at Loker University in Southern California, Nobel laureate (1994)
1992 Peter Thomas Ruggenthaler is the technical and commercial director of Simmering Waste Processing in Vienna
1992 Helmut Böhme is the president of the Damstadt University of Technology
1992 Hans Pape is the founder of Deutsche Perlite Gesellschaft GmbH.
1992 Günter Knapp is head professor at the Graz University of Technology
1991 Motoyuki Suzuki Professor at the Institute of Engineering Sciences, University of Tokyo
1989 Liang - Tseng Fan at Kansas State University Head Professor
1989 József Berty Professor at Akron University (USA)
1989 Ervin Kováts Professor at Lausanne University of Technology
1989 Balázs Magyar Former Professor at Zurich Technical College
1988 Karl Heinz Thiele Professor at "Carl Schorlemmer" Leuna Merseburg University
1988 Josef Franz Karl Huber a Vienna Former university professor
1986 Gerhardt Pahl Professor at the Darmstadt University of Technology
1983 Zoltán Merszei Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Co-Chairman of the USA-Hungarian Economic Society
1983 Ernst Otto Fischer former Nobel Prize-winning professor at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Technical University of Munich
1980 Professor Vladimir Alexandrovich Proskuryakov, Rector of the Lensovet Technical University in Leningrad
1980 Professor Gennady Alexeyevich Jagodin, former Minister of Secondary and Higher Vocational Education of the Soviet Union
1980 Professor Angelo Mangini, former head of the University of Bologna
1974 Professor Stefan Pawlikowski, former head of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice
1974 Lieselott Herfort, state award-winning professor, teacher at the Dresden University of Technology
1974 Erdey-Grúz Tibor Kossuth Award-winning professor, the Former president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1968 Viktor Vyacheslavovich Kafarov, chemical engineer, corresponding member of SZTA, university professor, former head of the Department of Cybernetics of Chemical Technological Processes at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Industry in Moscow
1968 May Yefimovich Pozin, chemical engineer, doctor of technical science, university professor, head of the Department of Inorganic Chemical Technology at the Leningrad Lensovet Technical University
1963 Nikolay Mikhailovich Zavoronkov, chemical engineer, university professor, academician, former director of the General and Inorganic Chemistry Research Institute of SZTA (Moscow)
1962 Engineer Giacomo Fauser (Novara, Italy), former vice-president of the Montecatini Chemical Trust

In relation to the Georgikon Faculty of Agriculture, the list of those awarded honorary doctorates at the predecessor PATE

1998 Professor Martin Körschens head of the Soil Research Department of the Leipzig-Halle Environmental Research Center, president of the German Soil Science Society
1997 Zoltán Klement former research professor at the Plant Protection Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, former regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1997 Jenő Molnár is the chief physician of the Johan Béla National Institute of Public Health, c. university professor
1997 Béla Győrffy former research professor of the Martonvásár Research Institute, former regular member of the MTA
1996 Professor P. Joseph Mannion, dean Faculty of Agronomy University College Dublin
1996 Focko Weberling, Institute of General Botany, University of Ulm emeritus professor
1996 Dániel Győri ny. university professor, scientific adviser of the PATE Institute of Agrochemistry and Soil Science MTA Research Group
1994 János Dohy, former academician, former head of department at the Gödöllő University of Agricultural Sciences, former dean of the Institute of Further Education
1993 Tibor Jermy is a regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Plant Protection Research Institute ny. director of the institute
1993 Professor Hans-Jürgen Jager, director of the Institute of Plant Ecology at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen
1992 Peter Schuhmann, university professor, head of the scientific department of the Berlin Academy of Agriculture, deputy director of the Gross-Lüsewitz Potato Research Institute
1991 Professor Werner Bergmann, Jena Plant Nutrition Research Institute ny. director, scientific advisor
1989 Gottfried Stolle university professor at the Luther Márton Universität Halle-Wittenberg
1989 Antal Festetics director professor of the Institute of Wildlife Biology at the University of Göttingen
1987 Ernő Bocz Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences ny. university professor
1985 Zoltán Király academician, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, research professor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Plant Protection Research Institute
1985 Erich Hübl university professor of Bodenkultur Vienna
1984 Sándor Kulin, former university professor, doctor of agricultural sciences
1984 Ernő Kurnik, academician, ny. research institute director
1983 Gábor Soós, former state secretary
1982 Manfred Zansch, university professor at Luther Márton Universität Halle
1982 Georg Müller, former university professor at Luther Márton Universität Halle
1979 Viktor Pannikov, academician
1979 Relja Savic, university professor
1979 László Csiki, former university professor
1972 Péter Berke, former university professor
1972 Gustav Könecke, former university professor at Luther Márton Universität Halle
1972 Addeke Henrik Boerma, former CEO of FAO
1971 Ernő Kemenesy, former university professor