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University of Pannonia: Youth Camp - Dual Camp at the Zalaegerszeg Campus

Slovenian and Hungarian secondary school students are getting to know the university life and the city of Zalaegerszeg these days. They will also get to know the educational offerings of the University of Pannonia (Source: zaol.hu)

The three-day Youth Camp Zalaegerszeg - Dual Camp, which started on Monday, is a joint project of the Zalaegerszeg Foundation for Economic, Informatics and Technical Training, the Hungarian Youth Organization of the Muravian Region (MMISZ) and the Municipality of Lendva, said Dr. Dóra Szili-Fodor, the project manager. The project, which is supported by the European Union's Interreg Slovenia-Hungary programme for strengthening cooperation between cities and regions, consists of three events. The first element is a camp at the University of Pannon University Centre in Zalaegerszeg, where 46 young Slovenians and Hungarians applied.


Dr. Dóra Szili-Fodor giving a presentation at the opening ceremony at the University of Pannonia, Photo by Pezzetta Umbert

- We would like them to get to know each other and the University of Pannonia's educational offer - said Dr. Dóra Szili-Fodor, adding that the participants of the free camp will receive 10 points, which will be credited to them in five years, if they apply to the University of Pannonia. And once they are admitted, the students will be taught how to write a motivation letter and make a video. So the first day is all about careers, while Tuesday's activities are all about sustainability. There will be presentations on the subject, followed by a tour of the green campus and a tree planting event to round off the day. To get to know the city and the region, they will visit the Gébárt craft house, try their hand at the workshops and in the evening there will be a dance party led by the Zalai Dance Ensemble. The past will be followed by the future, with a visit to the automotive test track and the ZTE stadium on Wednesday, and then speakers will talk about the dangers of the digital space. To build team spirit, the camp will conclude with quizzes in the Lower Forest Adventure Park, where physical, mental and cooperation skills will be tested in a series of competitions.

It will be followed by a three-day programme in Lendva in September.

At the end of the project, the experience gained from the camps will be evaluated by the heads of the participating institutions, said Dr. Dóra Szili-Fodor. They will also find out what opportunities are open to the students for further studies and what courses of study are available at higher education institutions in the region, such as the University of Maribor or the University of Pannonia.