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University of Pannonia wins HR OSCAR award

The University of Pannonia won the HR OSCAR award in the HR Wellbeing competition organised by the National Association for Human Resource Management (OHE), which means that it was awarded first place in the university category.



Edit Kővári, Associate Professor, one of the authors of the proposal, said that the award ceremony took place on 6 June at the HR Reskilling conference in Siófok, where participants could listen to interesting and exciting presentations from national and international speakers, preparing them for the future challenges of the HR profession. Réka Bodó, Director of Human Resource Management at the University of Pannon, received the prestigious award at the event.

Réka Bodó said that they had already started collecting ideas for the University of Pannonia's Well-being programme with Edith when they heard about the call. As a result, they prepared their application, which they finally submitted under the name "PEJÓ", with the creative slogan " It's good, it's PEJÓ". Their competition, born from this idea, could open up further opportunities for the university and the HR profession.


This year, for the 32nd time, the OHE has launched the HR OSCAR competition for practitioners and HR students. The competition was open to companies, organisations and university students who have introduced or developed a unique solution, method or innovative tool in the field of WELLBEING in the past year, or whose creative - but feasible - ideas were only at the planning stage.

OHE's mission is to support the creation of a unified HR profession in Hungary by providing a platform for professionals working in this field to think together, collaborate and share knowledge.

Congratulations to our staff on this recognition!