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Delegation visit from Ningbo University of Technology to discuss cooperation in the field of humanities

In a significant move towards fostering international academic collaboration, a delegation from Ningbo University of Technology visited the University of Pannonia in Veszprém on May 15, 2024. The delegation, comprising key figures from Ningbo University of Technology, engaged in discussions to establish a partnership between the humanities faculties of both institutions.

This visit was a continuation of the collaborative efforts initiated in March when both universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding . The memorandum laid the groundwork for a strategic partnership focused on academic research, student exchanges, and cultural initiatives. The discussions during this visit were a direct follow-up, aimed at operationalizing the commitments made in the memorandum.

Ningbo University of Technology delegation members were Wu Yuxia, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts; Sun Xiaojing, Deputy Director of the Slovenian Studies Center; Du Ying, Head of the Institute of Traditional Cultural Communication.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts at NBUT, Wu Yuxia will be pivotal in driving the university’s vision of global collaboration. Her leadership will be crucial in forming and implementing joint programs, research projects, and cultural exchanges. Sun Xiaojing brings extensive experience in European studies and cross-cultural communication, essential for bridging Chinese and Hungarian academic perspectives. Head of the Institute of Traditional Cultural Communication, Du Ying focuses on preserving and promoting traditional Chinese culture, enriching collaborative efforts with unique cultural elements.

As part of the programme, Szilárd Szentgyörgyi, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pannonia, guided the delegation through the Faculty of Humanities before the talks with the faculty leaders of the University of Pannonia. Further discussions continued during the day with Vivien Szekér, Head of International Department.

The discussions concluded positively, with both parties expressing strong support for the proposed initiatives. The University of Pannonia and Ningbo University of Technology are expected to draft a detailed action plan to formalize their collaboration.