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A delegation from Sfântu Gheorghe arrived to the University of Pannonia

The delegation from Sfântu Gheorghe discussed the dual training system of the University of Pannonia, the members of the delegation were welcomed by Dr. Anett Utasi, Director of the Dual Training Centre.

Last year, the Mayor's Office of Sfântu Gheorghe successfully applied as consortium leader for the development of the city's dual training system. The project includes the creation of a new educational campus which will provide the opportunity to carry out dual education in the form of secondary, higher and doctoral studies. Representatives of the consortium came to Veszprém to gain experience of the Hungarian secondary and tertiary dual education system and to see the impressive results of the development of our university campus.


The international delegation included Edit Szmolka, the author and coordinator of the winning bid, Mónika Fosztó, assistant professor and head of the Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Babes-Bolyai University, and Ágnes Köllő, architect, representing the company in charge of the design of the future campus. The new training centre will not only offer courses in mechanics and mechanical engineering, but also in radiology, tourism, environmental protection, finance and management.

As the University of Pannonia has well-equipped laboratories and workshops, the international visitors gained useful practical information on how to plan the future campus, and the tour of the university infrastructure provided a good starting point for the planning work.

As part of the programme, Vivien Szekér, Head of the International Department, guided the delegation through the institution.